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      Bearing Sales Corporation has one of the largest inventories in the world of bronze bearings in all standard sizes. Having recently celebrated our 25 year anniversary, we have produced over 40,000 special bearings. We have helped thousands of our customers reduce their production costs while enhancing their equipments performance.      

      Our Mission

      Bearing Sales Corporation is dedicated to providing quality parts with superior customer service at a price that gives our customers the best value in the industry.

      Company Profile

      Bearing Sales Corporation maintains the largest bronze bearing inventory in the United States. We offer the best lead times in the industry. We offer emergency production and we back up your order with a very friendly and professional service staff.

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      Contact Information

      Please contact us for your free copy of our complete catalog:

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      Please call, fax or email any of your questions or comments:

             Telephone:  800/621-4101
                      FAX:   773/282-3323
      Postal address:  4153 North Kostner Ave., Chicago, IL 60641
      Sales:    sales@bearingsales.com



      John Hilton, Chairman
      James B. White, President

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